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ByMary Otiotio

Power and Influence

Power and influence are usually exerted within a group context or the wider organisation. The general assumption is that power and influence are dependent on the position in the organisational hierarchy. Sometimes, seniority and power do go hand in hand, but in most cases, power can be found elsewhere in the organisation and, at times in the most unexpected places. It is often evident to recognise when power is exercised particularly when you are at the receiving end. Power can sometimes put people in a manic state which may eventually lead to rash, rude, and unethical actions. Even faith organisations have processes that are not clearly defined, and some remain unaccountable. This can potentially result in misuse of power. The aim of this course is to introduce specific models to demonstrate how power and influence can be used positively to optimise organisational performance.

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify the sources/bases of power i.e. referent, positional, knowledge, etc.
  • Develop in-depth knowledge of power and influence dynamics and learn to use them effectively
  • Influence others by using power and influence ethically and responsibly
  • Influence and motivate difficult people
  • Consider how to leverage personal or positional power using various influencing tactics to fit situational and individual needs.
  • Manage difficult situations and still make a positive impact