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ByTom Quinn

Decision Making


A decision is an explicit commitment to action and quite often involves a commitment of resources (i.e., time, effort, finance, people, etc.choices). People make choices about limited resources in organisations.options can impact on the value added in the organisation i.e. the process of transforming inputs into outputs. Good decisions add value, poor ones do the opposite.  Poor decision-making can impact on relationships and frigid atmospheres in organisations. Faith organisations rely on the goodwill of volunteers if they are to operate effectively and achieve their aims and objectives. This requires careful and most times, having to make difficult decisions on how resources should be allocated whilst also considering the visions and missions of the organisation.The aim of this programme is to identify different aspects of decision making in organisations and examine alternative ways of making effective decisions.

Participants will learn about

  • Decision making models ie rational, political, garbage-can and administrative approaches
  • Types of decisions
  • Factors to consider: Decision making conditions
  • Outcomes of decision process
  • Decision maker’s style
  • Process of group decision making/symptoms of groupthink
  • How organisational culture influences decision making process
  • Aspects of power and the impact on decision making
  • Common sources of bias in decision making