Vision and Mission



Our vision is to develop intentional legacy leaders who add value, influence and have a keen desire to develop their people.



Our mission is to promote the principles of effective leadership development, particularly across faith organisations. Faith organisations are intentionally designed to focus on spiritual development but with the changing needs of our society, it is now imperative to equip leaders who have not been developed with effective leadership skills.

Core values
Our core values are deeply rooted in trust, honesty and respect. These values are reflected in our corporate culture and our provision of service as explained below:

Honesty / Integrity
A key feature of our customer care strategy is to be transparent with our clients at all times and demonstrate the highest level of honesty in our assessment of their needs by developing a suitable programme.

Building trust is paramount in our relationship with our clients. We believe that this is the basis for building reliable long term relationship.  Therefore, we ensure the highest possible confidence to support our clients to ensure they achieve their goals, objectives or aspirations with the training provided.

We value and respect our clients.  Your thoughts, feelings and wishes are taken into consideration when designing an appropriate package.