Consultation Process

Our Consultation Process


Meeting the needs of our clients is our top priority. We start by clarifying the visions, leadership and wider organisational needs. This analysis provides detail insights and an opportunity to uncover the likely challenges faced by your organisation. On completion of this crucial stage, we can establish whether the visions of the organisations are incongruent with the values of stakeholders particularly those in leadership positions.

Investing in training and development is one of the most profitable decisions to take, and it often impacts on the success and existence of the organisation.  We provide bespoke training to the suit the needs of individuals and organisations.

Stage one: Clarify and establish needs

The necessity of investment in training will be stated at this crucial stage. It creates an opportunity to gain detail insight into the organisation and involve interviews, observation or surveys. This process also allows us to identify any gaps in performance. Our ultimate objective is to bridge the gap between current and desired performance. On completion, we will gain comprehensive view as to the type of training needed.

Stage Two: Developing training programme

Based on the needs analysis a detailed training programme to suit the needs of individuals or organisations is compiled. We appreciate the fact that individuals have different learning styles, this is taken into careful consideration when developing the programme.

Stage Three: Delivering the training

We use a wide range of training techniques during the session. This may involve one-to-one interaction, group training, seminar and workshops. Our trainers are quite passionate about their subjects and training materials are delivered with high standard.

Stage Four: Evaluation and Review

This final stage of the training programme provides an opportunity to evaluate the cost and benefit of the investment in training and also enables the trainer to assess the impact of the session and also knowledge and skills acquired by participants.