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ByTom Quinn

Conflict Management


Conflict can develop in different forms and from many sources and can be between individuals or between groups. Conflict is a real feature of organisational life.  The fact that organisations are made up of people from different cultures, diverse views, opposing priorities can cause the best teams or staff to experience or engage in conflict with one another. This is normal and often unavoidable even among senior leaders.  Like any social unit, faith organisations are sometimes engaged in conflicts, and they have to deal with it, but they have the added advantage to resort to biblical principles to make peace.  However, an awareness of the sources/types of conflict and management strategies cannot be ignored.

The aim of this program is not to practice avoiding conflict, but to become good at resolving and managing conflict while focusing on achieving the goals and objectives of the organisation.

Participants will learn:

  • Different perspectives of conflict
  • Different conflict management styles
  • How to identify unhealthy conflict and use an appropriate model to respond to potential conflict situations.
  • Different types of feedback (open / closed feedback) and how this can potentially lead to a conflict situation.