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ByTom Quinn

Leading and Implementing Change

The external business environment changes quite rapidly, which means that organisational change can be targeted at individual behaviour, organisational structures/culture, problem-solving, or technology. Organisations need to develop proactive strategies to respond better to change. Change as a concept can be quite complicated and may lead to negative as well as positive outcomes both in secular and faith organisations.   The whole essence of faith organisations requires change/transformation.  Evidence indicates that the level of management/leadership provided for leaders in faith organisations during training does not cover this topic in-depth. The aim of this programme is to examine how the change process can be conducted efficiently and effectively to engage all stakeholders and minimise any negative impact.

Participants will learn:

  • The concept of change
  • How to assess the readiness for change
  • Types of organisational change (planned and unplanned change)
  • Theoretical Framework and factors influencing change management
  • Approaches to Change Management
  • How to measure the effectiveness of Change
  • To identify factors likely to create resistance to change and strategies for addressing such resistance
  • Key Factors for Successful Change Management
  • The role of the leader during periods of change
  • The role of change agents