Self Evaluation

ByMary Otiotio

Self Evaluation


Self-evaluation is a critical stage in the leadership development process.

It is quite easy for leaders to be preoccupied with the prospect of leading, directing and assessing others while ignoring their own performance. The tendency, therefore, is for the leader to continue travelling through their lens which may be slightly distorted and devoid of reality because their views are shaped and influenced by experience, beliefs or state of mind, all of which can be entirely subjective.

Good leaders learn from experience which means they have to step back, identify their blind spot and be willing to admit personal mistakes.  Learning from others and seeking feedback provides a platform to evaluate oneself. This is an excellent opportunity to develop self-awareness and stronger leadership skills.  It also creates an opportunity to maintain a learning mode and a growth mindset.

For some leaders, the whole concept of leadership is perceived as a top-down, one-way street without any opportunity to self-evaluate. For aspiring leaders, it is important to reflect from time to time and also create a platform where ‘critical friends’ can help improve your leadership qualities. It is a misconception to assume that a Leader is the fountain of knowledge with answers to all organisational challenges. A platform for learning and development should never be underestimated. This, however, is only attainable if specific areas of improvement are identified and should not be considered as a sign of vulnerability. Although, for some, it may be quite problematic particularly those who assume that good leaders should be tough and self-reliant. A leader who is willing to learn is more likely to develop a wider range of capabilities and become more self-aware. This is a key attribute of effective leaders and one of the components of emotional intelligence.

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